VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Passing Cloud

I walk along the lonely street with little foot steps,
my folded hands can't help my deeply frozen cold heart,
just me and my moon awake in this sleeping night,
it is not raining yet I'm drenched,
eyes looking darker even in a bright moonlight,
all this pain, i feel like a complete jerk,
like many of my poems this too has no style,
once again failing to explain what i feel,
i fabricate my life like i have one,
my beautiful lies covering my ruthless pain in my eyes,
i wish i was a candle's tear,
to be vanished unnoticed,
leaving no marks in this mighty world.
I'm just someone's passing cloud.
Bitter is my truth but what can i say?
living is sometimes a very painful pay!
The pain grows deeper with each passing day!
Hope i vanish like a dew in a sun-ray!

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Langston Hughes


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