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Passing Me By
SB (4-2-94 / it is your buisness? ? ?)

Passing Me By

Here I stand
Sanding still
and everyone passes me by
and I don't even feel winds chill

I still stand here
waiting to be moved
because everyone around me
their pain has been soothed

My pain is still here
but is slowly becoming less
because as my time aproaches
I begin to turn right not left

I am beginning to move
soon wil be in pace
with the whole world
and can see everyone's face

I'm staring out into the night
trying to hide the pain
i'm going to the place
where love doesn't cost a thing

As I journey down my path
and I make my way
when this is all over
the pain will have gone away

The miles are getting longer
the closer I get to home
and I don't know why
but my heart is filled with hope

I don't regret a thing
no this life is mine
and I will conquer it
and I dare you to tear me down...try

I won't regret what I want
and what my heart calls to
because I will be home
very very soon

I will take this chance
before I run out of time
I will grasp it now
before it passes me by.

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