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Passing Of Things
BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Passing Of Things

Poem By Bob Gotti

All we have in the here and now, will be used or lost somehow,
When this life on earth is past, nothing on earth for us will last.
As we leave this world behind, we enter one, beyond our mind,
Even our bodies God will replace, through His Amazing Grace.

On earth moth and rust destroy, things that give us earthly joy,
Bringing to our life loss and pain, from items we cannot regain.
As this life comes to the end, there is eternity around the bend,
And as life comes to a close, an Eternal Life for all God chose.

Thoughts again of loss, never, as we have life in Christ forever,
For God chose men He knew, would believe His Son to be true.
Planning for men who believe, an eternity minds can’t conceive,
With their own eternal abode, that moth or rust will ever corrode.

But unbelievers will never see, the Heaven prepared for eternity,
They’ll experience greater loss, in denying the love of the cross.
Content with things of the earth, they see no need for new birth,
One in which they’re born of God, to live above this earthly sod.

They refuse to believe in Christ, and will never enter Eternal Life,
They obtain nothing from Him; who gave His life for all their sin.
As crowns are given to those, who follow Jesus Christ who rose,
At his feet the crowns we’ll cast, entering an eternity that will last.

(Copyright ©11/2007)

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