Passing Rainbows

Passing rainbows and rustling winds
bring back loving memories of all my yesterdays.
For rustling winds that pass so gentility
and autumn days that is soft and gentle.
It's like a mist of clouds passing over in whisper
The essence of soothing winds,
the memories of golden sunset at dusk
Let the magic take you over in a moment.
Let a little sunshine in your heart
because all pathways leads to happiness.
Lie still and take in the moment,
let a messenger from afar come with words
of wisdom to sooth your mind, to sooth your hunger
Lie still, lie still and let tumble weeds tickle your feet.
Let passing rainbows and rustling winds enter your
think the words of love and hear a silent whisper,
Day dream around your memories, with passing rain-
bows and rustling winds.

by Margot Lindsey

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