Give room for passion
Give space for the young
Those free to love
Who never tire to love?
For them,
There is passion supporting the love

To them age does not matter
Or count, like from 0 to 100
They met ages ago
Don't bother ask
"How did you meet? "
"Where did you meet? "
Passion discovered them
And they discovered love
And in return passion bonded them
And they found love

They age with time
But they live young with love
Loving is a life to them
Passion is their weed
Getting them high in love with each other
Passion is their food, making them enough not of loving though
But of other life's bad practices
Laughter gets to be their medicine
Tenderness of the hearts is the new desire
With long lasting peace as the outcome

O' desires, desires, desires! ! ! !
As many as there can be…we all know that
But all evil desires overshadowed and
Maybe, let's say to some extent outfought
In the name of love
Though there may be some wrangles
We are human, yes?
Never forget that…
But love always wins and this keep so close to your chest
It should be in your heart,
Think of it with you brain
Recite it with your mouth

Never do they tire
Neither do they forget
The days the met
Yes, those questions you just asked them before
The how and why questions,
To some it was months ago, others years ago
Maybe weeks ago
But the "when" is fast forgotten
And the "how long" is fast sought after
We are talking of when they met
That is no factor now
But how long after is a factor now
Talking of a life ahead of them
When they will live passionately
Enjoying their newly found treasures in love

Forget their ages
They love each other the same
Believe it or not
They may quarrel and fight
But will never grow wrinkles of old in love
Their love world is always young
They remain youths in there
With both of their faces smooth as when they were teens
Because they gave room to passion
And love found in them a permanent home.

by Emmanuel Arunee Mwanza

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