DU (11-18-1987 / Justice, IL)


When i'm next to you, nothings real
When i'm with you, i start to feel
Things never known of me
Things never know to be
A part of my life that is forgotten
That part of me that's not rotten

Intense build up of the heart
Is where i must start
To relieve this stress
To relieve this mess

Everytime you come across my mind
That feeling is hard to find
hard to describe
Everytime you speak to me
Everytime you can see
This passion building so deep

Baby, i need you
by my side
I need you
along for the ride
I just need your presence
as your beauty presents
Its figure to the world

Where your at right now
Is not where you should be
You should be right here with me
all through the night
so i can squeeze and hold you tight

you shine right through like the sun
not letting your rays become undone
always shining, never dull
never empty always full
of love and affection
There is no deception
You have great fashion
I will love you with all my passion.

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