Passion And Pain

Poem By Bridgid Patrick

It was you, you're the one who said to me it all has to end
It was you, you're the one that said that we should be friends
It was you who pulled the trigger, that led to my death
The same you that if i had to i would have given my last breath
Why does it hurt? Cos love is such a big mistery
Why does it hurt? things are never how you want them to be
Why did you leave? i would have given you all that i could
Why did you leave? to me everything was overly good
Life is a bitch, but drama isn't always the way
Love is a dream, but dreams have tendencies of fading away.
Passion and pain, emotions that i know very well
How did it feel? it felt like i was burning in hell
What could i do? you seem to have stolen a piece of my heart
Lock up your heart, they told me this from the very start
I was a fool, a fool for thinkin you could be true
Oh but it's cool, my days of feeling blue are through
Now im reborn, a leopard never changes its spots
No longer torn, my love for you has been buried in rocks.

Comments about Passion And Pain

I truly did love you.....what a waste of my precious love you are so undeserving of it.....i know that now...

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