Passion And Tenderness

I’m sending you through skies my free-hand drawing -
For you to feel no longer lorn,
For all your pains to die unborn.
I will forget times when my mind was flawing

Beyond redemption, all along. My dear,
I’m still afraid to trust Mystique
Of crescent Love. I am still weak,
But do believe that ne’er a small tear

Of grief we’ll have in our eyes. Like Fire
You give me warmth I’ve never felt
Before – your passion & I melt
Into a flaming sea-maid, my desire

Will touch you with my tender kisses, fingers,
Caresses – sensuous monsoons…
I’ll dream of it for these four moons
Before to meet in private, while Time lingers…

by Karina Lakeyeva

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I am dancing on my chair...that is another great one!