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Passion In My Heart
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Passion In My Heart

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Awakened from a childish dream,
A Passion so supreme it just unfolds.

A world that was not known to me,
Only joked about by those who don't know.

In this quest of mine to find answers I have more questions still.

But yet I find beauty in, not caring only living at my will.

I care for those around me, and cherish all that I might.

Yet I have found a passion that I crave more then any critic could downsize.

It is a hunger that I yearn for in most unrelenting way,

And I must reach for my passion for it may not always be this way.

There is a soul behind this, a man whom has given me his will.

To allow me the choice to reach for it or to run from what could be our just do will.

It is a judgement that others may question, in there distant and troubled minds.

I find I am now lifted from a knowledge I have set aside.

I don't know what may happen,
What choices I will make.

I only know that in this moment,
My passion I will take.

A world full of secrets....and mine close to my heart.....I see a Jay bird in my window....that is how this will all start......

The one whom this is for will know it at a glance......just thought I'd give you my words...and allow our moment to dance.....

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