Passion {leavemewanting}

Dedication to the Subject removes All common sense
Involving who and why when there is a Breath
To be breathed through the Other [significant]
Mouths collide, igniting
Enfuriating the very atomic number of Can They
but they Will
Release is not probable only Durable
Processes through thoughts deny any logic [uncanny]
And they
Feel in the Motion and move through the Emotion
Wonder if they will make it out [Alive]
There's positive in Negative
A human battery threaded through the Adolescence
Of mental obscenity
Courted to the door of the Question [Been leading]
Through the gaping lust encountered Mercilessly
While succombing to Inadequate reasons
Why and Why not and How Can They
As they slip into the Decided
Obscurity of denial

and Lose It.

by Fallen Too Far

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