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Passionate Wave
MKA (On a cozy Monday in the soft month of December / Beneath the stars)

Passionate Wave

We fade into the night
With soothing lyrics from a peaceful song.
Your lips never looked more luscious
And your eyes never reflected so bright
Upon me as we dance under the moonlight.

I am touched by the scents of you,
And a warm magnetic feeling deep inside
Is pulling me closer and closer where
Our hearts begin to beat together
As we waltz beneath the vivid sky.

A reverie is taking place nearby,
There is an aurora touching the stems
Of each rose bush beneath our feet,
And suddenly, the stars are starting to dance
With the softness of our song.

And we remain enchanting,
Close by, around, and within each other.
Your beauteous vanity spark upon me
As we drift closer to the edge of the ocean
To be captivated by the only passionate wave.

The song is reaching its final verse and
Your eyes are starting to dim.
Our heartbeats begin to suspend,
We hold on to what is around and within us
As dusk is starting to cover our grounds.

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