AR ( / Topeka, Kansas)


Your bright eyes danced merrily
like the flickering tongues of flame
that rose before us, dancing madly
and casting ever-moving shadows
about the darkness of the room.

Humor slowly turned to passion
as we fanned the glowing embers,
fire burst forth from the smoldering ashes,
flames rose quickly from their slumber,
but just as quickly were controlled.

The room now echoed with the sounds
of the brightly roaring fire.
Firelight danced around the room,
eerie shadows played their tricks,
tricks that went by unnoticed
for no one was watching anymore.

And again the flame swelled and then grew smaller,
again the embers glowed and dulled,
again the logs flared bright and crumbled
as the flames turned all to dust,
and the firelight was quelled once more.

by Anne Rhitak

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this was well written, good work :)