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I can never take anything seriously.
If you threatened to shoot me, I would
Ask you to do it on the left, my right is
My good side. If you threatened to cut me,
I would suggest a stab, it hurts less.
If you threatened to punch me, I would
Hand you a stick and tell you to do better.
It’s not due to a death wish, but rather a belief,
That passive aggressive subjugates aggressive
With pure confusion; to much of my relief.

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You're words keep leaving me in ahh. ~Autumn~
ha! this is you for sure! i can totally picture some thug threatening you and you raising your eyebrow and giving one of these remarks as with a smirk! ...then he would follow up by slightly turning his head to the left with confusion in his eyes. after that he would either say 'shut up foo, you know what spit like dat does to a boy 'round here? ! ' hahaha
I feel the same, though it is scary being hit/stabbed/shot, how do u go through with being frightened? about 5-10 mins ago i almost got in a fight, someone stepped in. i know gods watching because he took a marker/pen of mine and when i was walking away i kiked a pencil and picked it up: D isnt that amazing?