Passive Thing

Look! This passive thing,
This idle spot, this empty vessel!
Where is this man’s mind?
To think this passive thing once knew,
To think emotion once coursed itself here
And to think it once loved.
Has the soul evacuated this being?
Should it be allowed to let live
This wounded animal in its sedated state?
It is not humane to prod and poke voids of absence such as this,
Bear pointed attention now his plastic face, inanimate,
except for false functions.
If this hole were stabbed would it weep?
This passive thing, this tear in the fabric of humanity!
I have not the capacity to comprehend its existence
The dead have more life in them than this abomination!
And it doth offend my very eyes to see it thus,
I can stare in my mirror no more.

by Graham Stone

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