IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)


The time has come for you to die!
I have your name in my black book.
Or so death said and my reply
you’d better have another look.

You eyesight’s poor you cannot see
I think you’ve made a grave mistake
This is not number thirty three
Look for yourself for goodness sake.

You may be right about my sight
My visual acuity
is much poorer in the dim light
I fear its fading rapidly.

Perhaps I ought to book a test
a visit to Vision Express.
I’ve heard it said they are the best
But I am vain I must confess.

Maybe horn rims add gravitas
I must maintain my dignity.
I made no comment let it pass
My glasses are to help me see.

I bid death a polite farewell
and wished him well in his eye test
the white lie I was forced to tell
was in my own best interest.

I am too busy yet to die.
One day he will catch up with me.
This lesson I will not forget.
You can fool death quite readily.

He’s very old and not too bright,
has trouble with his memory
on top of that his failing sight
Makes fooling him very easy.

Now should death chance to call again
I am quite certain I will lie
to make quite sure that I can gain.
a few more years before I die..

I will not go without a fight
There’s so much more I want to do.
I will decide the time is right
when I should die: When I want to.


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Ouchily-excellent. t x