Past Family

I've never had a father in my life
I think thats why me mom always fight
Sometimes i stay up late nights to cry
I wonder if he loved me were he went and why?
Life was hard growing up with no dad
But i get through it by thinking about what i had
A mom to love me and 2 sister a brother
Granted they all were from a diffrent father
Now as i think no ones around anymore
It seems like they turned the backs out the door
Cant see my family or the ones who cared
Knowing this can only make me scared
A little girl at the age of six
Now i'll never know just how she lived
My little sisters and a brother to boot
Had to leave them all or pay the loot
An abusive step dad toward my mom
I wonder how he could use his palm
He hurt her so bad so out the door we went
It wasnt to much time that was actually spent
Now my family is all grown
And their lifes i've never even known!

by amanda mangano

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