Past History

You can never change history as it is part of the past
That which will not continue nor ever last.
Even history will outlast itself
Only to be found in the books on a shelf.

Changes will develop during eons of time
But God's love always given to yours and mine.
History will always record the mystery and miracles first
For that is what impresses people and satifies their thirst.

To use spiritual similarities and associations are nothing new
Look at the cults, fanatics and those on television to view.
To stop inquiry from developing not what is the desire
Offer the bush which does not burn yet is on fire.

They use words like excommunication for those who do not adhere
Reinforcement of their founadation by using fear.
Never to look or ever suggest or listen for they had power and might
The beginning was established as the key to bring in spiritual light.
All the books that have been written and all those that have been read
Still have to be interpreted by those in charge who knew what was said.
History is a picture of time and events
Not what is to come bur rather what was used when it was sent..

2,500 years in the realm of God is but a second in that of the universe
Change will change and mankind will remain just as diverse.
Histories promises seldom to bring forth what is true
Have faith in your God for that is the eternal view.

03-27-06 Aho Speaks.

by AHO Speaks

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