Past Maturity

My trunk has greyed,
my body bent,
my branches twisted,
from years of beating sun.

My heart has died,
too many years of growth
have sapped my spirit;
yet I still appraise my land.

No leaves or foliage grow,
no blossom blooms in spring,
no fruit, no seeds
that fall and feed.

I’m tired and broken down,
the wind blows yet
I feel no movement
In my soul.

Large wrinkled cracks
line my weathered face.
My bark long gone and
my trunk well polished.

One time magnificent,
the tallest tree around,
the greenest leaves,
fruit most sought.

Time, wind and sun,
have aged my body,
my many, many rings
add far too many years.

Pretty birds I used to love
no longer perch and feed
the butterflies, the bees
that pollinate long gone.

Past beauty that I am
forgotten, and ignored,
soon I will fall, break,
decay, mould and rot.

My rotting remains
soon composted to
manure, I can now return
as goodness to the earth.

New growth now born,
new trees, grasses, plants,
blossoms that give food
to feed our hungry land.

The cycle of life means
I will grow again to
give life, sustain growth,
help maintain our world.

So life continues.

by Bob Blackwell

Comments (7)

The weather beaten good old oak tree stands tall, providing cool shade to one and all! It sees through many a generation pass and grow; it's acorns fall to continue life's grand show! 10! -Raj
Bob I think if we had written poetry from an early age it just would not have the impact it has now, .. I love allegorical poetry it makes us think and this is a brilliant example... Bob with your maturity has come a finely chiseled charactor...Although we have never formally met I am proud to call you friend... best regards Alf
I love the first line you have used here Bob, it opens the piece up in a tantalising invite to read on and on - and the picture of un-ending life in all it's forms is wise and so well described. thank you. - best wishes from Fay.
Cycle of life indeed. Nature has a way of using every last resource. A thought-provoking poem, Bob. Nice work. Love, Fran xx
Bob, the cycle of life very well illustrated here within a tree. Should be food for thought for many. Great write my friend. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
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