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Past Present And Future

My past is an indication of where i have been
A realisation of what was not working
Casting aside what was familiar
Snuffed out as no longer comfortable
No joy or contentment was there

At present i'm holding the scales
Justice and fairness
Will always prevail

Understanding the laws of give and take
Trusting in karma to lend a hand
Believing balance will be restored
Potentially changing events that the past set in motion

My future compels that i always be truthful
To be true to myself
Throw myself in to life
With joy and gusto
To enthusiastically always say yes
Making the most of all that life has to offer

Trust in the universe
Promises me
That good times will follow
I firmly believe

Any shadows i will embrace
Cessation for a time
Providing relief
Bringing with it a cool downtime

To sum my life up
I love it a lot
My past
My present and my future

by susette varga

Comments (2)

It is my opinion that life is all about past and present. The future is to me the vaguest ever. I like this poem. it is very deep.
intresting read, as life is a fair concucted mix of experiences, and the future is the evolution of such past occurrences mixed with todays decision. like any metamorphosis, the quest to better one's self will be demanding and undauting, all the best. i do believe that a interest in imagery could boost the punch on which your poem is delivered.