Past Reflections In A River

Heavy raindrops disperse my reflection in a river
Hanging willows shade my head like a father's reassuring hand
Memories surround me in a dance as I shiver
God, I've missed my childhood land!

On the grassy edge, I silently perch
staring down into a past far gone
Seeing, not feeling, the distant search
Knowing that I should, I must, move on

But life has moved deeper than this soft water
darker that past as new light brushes over it
Complex are my perceptions of innocence slaughtered
The shower ends as my memories begin to fit

A rainbow across the lake majestically appears
as a swan glides dreamlike to the safety of reeds
A knowing smile reflects back my fears
As my faith follows, no matter where it leads

by C.A. Morrow

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beautiful....thoughtful.....realistic verse