Past Swaying Breeze


Past swaying breeze
Far past swaying breeze, the lines are found
The heart of a man stole, and mind not sound
If death holds it against me, my referee I point up the cloud
Men's hearts find a point to shrink, but I paint words bold
For if I leave without just her hug, life will be so cold

A parched rock holds her curvy bosom
And the whispering winds blow, hair swinging, random
I find that ear lobe past your silky hair awesome
Small denoted lips, faint lines can't hide
If only I could sit by your side princess Diana
Would heaven hold it against me for my adorning side?
Or those heavenly fingers, and lovely arm, give peace to my heart's inner.

Past broken lines, a find a line perfect and faint
Past pretty long dress I find curves artist and taint
And in my fragile heart I find space for her love vacant
Past swaying breeze of my obstacles, will ever find right
A path to your heart

©Ssekajja K Ronald 2013

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