Past To Present Now Future

So many thoughts plague my restless mind. A thousand places I must visit each day. Even my dreams have become haunted. Times and Places, Friends, Lovers and Enimes alike. Memories of the past mix with dreams of the future. I feel so scattered, so lost. How do I make it all stop? I need to collect my thoughts. But where time seams to gather, the world runs together. Today becomes yesterday and yesterday tomorrow. Actions only seam to repeat. This day goes on forever, when will it ever end. It is in this time truths become lies and darkness turn to light. With this new found light I look out and am forced to see. I no longer have the choice to hide in the shadows. A hundred haunting memories are forced out of the darkness. I find no regret here only remorse. I feel my own suffering mix with that of those I have harmed along the way. I am reminded of every cruel word spoken, every hateful action taken. It is all to much to for one sole to bare. I can no longer go on blaming those who have wronged me… I must be held accountable.


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