Pastoral Chant

Poem By nimal dunuhinga

Her whisper in the thorny bush when she blooms
and her fragrance spread all over the pasture.
A shepherd boy with the cattle
and the muddy river flows monotonously.
This beauty will change in near future
as they bring the bulldozer and caterpillar
the earth moving equipment.
A big project to establish a power plant by the riverside.
The contrary is give the light to the country
before the general election.
But wild flowers in agony
as they are scared to expose to the light.

Comments about Pastoral Chant

I cast my vote for the flowers. Lovely poem, Nimal. Sandra
Wonderfully said...from the flower in agony. Love..TO
That's what fat politicians call progress. These politicians have to be pluged in to live.
A very moving poem. I have watched the same thing happen all over the Scottish Highlands and you have captured the matter very well. Hugs Anna xxx PS Thankyou for your comments.

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