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Pat Mullane

In Millstreet he was born and his last remains now lay
From the Priests Cross where he used to live just a short walk away
Pat Mullane a nice quiet person and it does seem fair to say
That he will be sadly missed in Millstreet where he first saw light of day
In the flesh in the Town of Millstreet he will not be seen again
But in the thoughts of those who knew him fond memories of him will remain
Hope he did not have to suffer and that he died in peace
Sad to say that death for many from life a painful release
Pat Mullane is gone from Millstreet where he spent most of his long life
Never more to be seen at Priests Cross where he lived with his wife
He must have been close to eighty of life he had a long span
One who worked hard and lived honest and he was a gentleman
He will be sadly missed by many from the streets of Millstreet Town
Where often on summer's evening he used to walk up and down.

by Francis Duggan

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