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Sometimes I feel at home in darkness
Painted black to quote the Stones
Snarling cynic dismissive and strong
Scoffing at the foolish dreamers

From atop a castle wall I leer
Down upon the rabble moving
I mock the mindless dervish
And dissect them as I size them up

No more excuses for the masses
No more pretending that it matters
Savoring the fog over light
All hues tinted in shades of gray

What if we tire of placing a stitch
Again and again to a torn patchwork
Choosing instead to throw it away
Defiant now in cold calculation

There is pain outside the walls
Naked, stark and blindingly real
But then....
I leave the refuge of the shadows
Reborn I embrace the light of day

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What a great way to release a dark feeling. In freeing yourself you free us all. I can relate to Everything your saying. Yip. Sometimes I too just need to shut the world out for awhile. The modern world feels too extroverted anyway not enough silence and space needless to say that's why I live out here in the wilderness. I read your comment about deleting this poem I'm glad you didn't it made me feel more connected somehow. Thanks Edmund. I only just saw this.
Sorry I didn't see this poem before! A well deserved one for the Daily! Profound in theme and beautiful in diction! Yes, we feel sometimes quite down... Life cannot move like a smooth flowing stream all the time. There are ups and downs....! In our sullen moments we prefer to be alone, so that we can look into ourselves and find ways to come out of the dark mood...! On analyzing deeper we come to realize that it is not singularly our lot. Acceptance of the black hole within us without wearing a mask is better than trying to stitch up an wound over and over again. At the same time, we know that we are not destined to be in this mood for ever. This realization will dispel the darkness and soon hope dawns on us and we get ready to meet life re energized! I see the faithful portrayal of a sensitive soul's attempt for self redemption! Beautiful poem!
You have captured loneliness. Aloneness. Cynicism. And rebirth. And have done it so professionally that it's worthy of Poem Of The Day. Congratulations!
Interesting write. Congratulations on the member poem of the day. Life is mere a patchwork of shades Occasionally dark while sometimes bright maybe at the end we realise its worth some pieces are worn and torn by the time and stitched with different colours still the fabric of life looks good as long as it lives. Loved the theme. Thanks for sharing with us. Loved reading it.
Congratulations, Edmund! ! ! ! A most deserving honor! ! ! ! There are certainly spells of darkness that overcome us all and quite frankly I believe it does a body good to lash back. I find a good spell of internal combustion clears out the carburetors and spark plugs and mufflers. And this was such a talented backlash- -worthy to rival a solar flare! And then the darkness dissipates under the light and we leave the turbulence behind and sail into the blue skies, feeling lighter and refreshed. You have so much talent, Edmund- -it is good to see it being honored. 10's by the millions!
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