VW (17-04-1969 / India)



Life has for us enormous thrills and excitements
One should have to set a path to enjoy life.
Take enough caution, courage and insight
Pick the most approachable and suitable
Peering one’s strengths and weaknesses
Also edify the young and make them choose.

Humans are born with similar mental strengths
Difference comes through the path they are put in
And the path had chosen ignorantly or unwillingly.
Elderly, first has to understand about the path
Inculcate the astuteness and wisdom to young
Together walk towards the elation and bliss of life.

Don’t say ‘I don’t know why I am living and how’
We all have been given with enough intelligence
Human life is so precious that you can think and act
But are we thinking, are we making efforts to live?
Unless otherwise you are born into conditions adverse
You can think and teach the young to think and act.

When Life is led without thinking, without the set path
We don’t remain humans, but only living beings
Unrest, frustrations, failures become part of ones life
Without knowing where to go, will collapse somewhere
Or end up, where one has to do things against his will
And they pass on this hollow life to the next generation.

Don’t blame the god or fate for your failures in life
When you set a path to live, you will know the difference
Between failures and set backs, loss and shortfalls.
When set backs come in the set path, you have options
As you know where you want to go and what to achieve
Else on failures, you just crumble not knowing what next!

There is no age bar or final call to set a path in life
Even on the death beds, people have set goals to reach
It’s the duty of the enlightened people to guide the rest
Especially it is the duty of parents to steer their children
It’s the responsibility of all to help each other to set path
Its together we can enjoy the path better than alone.

As one grows into the enormity and treasures of life
One should be inspired to think about life of this life
Wonder and wisdom of this life should catch ones eye
One should be able to reason his internal stances
Relate every little texture of his thought to this life
Forever one should thrive to understand this life.

When the ‘Life’ thrills the human, he ought to set a path
To explore and explode the secrets of this life
Brilliancy of brain doesn’t pass through genes
But through ones perceptions and perseverance
Now, don’t wait for someone to shake and wake the self
Set it for yourself and for the generation to come.


by Vidi Writes

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the path flows uninterrupted........... let the flow continues.........
your poem flowing like waterfalls...down into heaven's well.....keep up