Path Of Fire

O Lord by the mountain and sea!
What fate have you for me?
Hurl upon me death and tragedy!

Show me the light and engulf me in the dark,
I will fight for my humanity,
I will always rise with the lark

The path I tread may be laden with tears and blood,
But I walk it with pride
Even if I may be smeared in mud

With my hand on my heart and my heart at my lips
I walk
This life will not be bound between scripts

I rule my fate with a reign of steel
I will not falter and to no-one will I kneel

Walking on the Path of Fire

by Addy CMT

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Addy, that's a poem, psalm...? You write well Addy. Just don't get it clear Show me the light and engulf me in the dark, . God bless you.
Beautiful Devotional piece of poetry depicting total submission to the Will of God. It reminded me of Psalm 23, both different in penning but same in essence. A powerful poem, well articulated and subtly written with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON. ➕9