Path To A Final Picture

Regulated beats touching intellect, giving an exquisite
rhythm to my mind.

Steady and brilliant, taking me on an excursion into
deepest equations of another land's musical measures.

Touching and letting my mind wander into all sorts of
other dimensions while listening to it.

Watching emotions rise and fall within as rhythm plays
them fully while writing.

Faster and staccatoly rising, giving wonderful feelings
of intrigue and mystery.

Soothing ego and arousing curiosity about the music of
India which is now giving me much pleasure as I listen.

Tapping away, sliding along, creating a crazy amount of
ideas and thoughts alike in my mind.

Wandering back and forth across the walkways of intellect,
giving many pieces of puzzles the path to a final picture.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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path to final picture, I like it, thanks.