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Path To Education

Crossing vapour trails
Tangled in my mind,
Leading me forever
In circles round myself,
They trap me on the inside,
They trap me from without,
Box me in with paper ‘til
I can’t get out of these dead trees.
I’m tired of being tested,
I’m bored of things to learn,
I hate the paranoia
That comes around with every year,
And each time that it matters,
Each time I have to care,
Knowing that it’s my future
That I’m grasping right there,
And I know that this flower
Needs every chance to bloom,
Every dropp of water
Will help it on its way,
But right now I don’t want to
Spread my roots into the depths
And grow up to be the forest
Of white leaves to catch my son,
I want to be cut loose,
To get off and be free,
Try new avenues,
To get out and just walk about,
But everything is blurry,
Everything’s opaque,
Everything’s gone murky
With everything that it stirred up,
And I can't find the way
Through the mists and gloom,
Or even the direction
Towards the choice I have to make.
One day though I’ll make it,
Then I’ll know it all,
Then finally I can rest
In my padded paper cell.

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