Pathemata Mathemata

If sufferings are lessons, they unfold
A magnificent vision before us
Having a resplendent touch of Greek grace
So that we all can human life behold
In its entirety, remain sanguine;
The Greeks used paradoxes to describe
Distinctness of realized 'diatribe'
To know its majestic splendour divine;
For example, 'life's a learning to die',
Since 'tis certainly an entelechy,
A ground reality, and not lucky
Affair, but in the brier e'er to sigh;
Again 'a part is greater than the whole'
In contrast to the configuration
Theory' which means that the summation
Of all the parts is lesser than the whole;
That, in brief, is gestalt psychology
Which should be really 'gestalt', the form,
The structure, no disappointing storm
Can metamorphose into lethargy.
If no spiritual stasis should occur
Suffer we must, to understand life better;
Ought we not say 'digniori detur'
Which alone can e'er come to our succor?

by Madukar Wadikar

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