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Pathetic (My Heart Is The Heart...)
M (Sept 6,1990 / )

Pathetic (My Heart Is The Heart...)

Poem By Meghan

my heart is a rat
with ADD
and is deprived of the
ability to learn
my heart is a fish
that's always looking
for the next hook
while his guts hang
strung on another line
my heart is the child
without senses
who grabs the red hot element
and never lifts his palm
my heart is the kid
who gets his ass kicked
at recess
and continues teasing
my heart is the boxer
with both eyes bleeding
round three
yet continues fighting
my heart is the dog
that challenges another
twice his fight and size
my heart is the drunk
stunted and slurring
reaching for another drink
my heart is pathetic
and needs assistance
it's selfish
and self destructive

my heart is the heart
that continues loving
long after it's
considered sane

my heart is the heart
that should be locked up
and never be allowed
to love again...

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