(28th October 1971 / Glasgow, Scotland)

Pathetically British

I wanted a coffee-to-go
Which to this girl
Was like the end of the world.
I was clearly being unfair
Expecting her to remove
Her arse from the chair
When she had better things
To do at work
Than work.

Real slow
She sighed,
Threw down her book
And with a look
That could have soured the milk
She made my Mocha.

I wanted to moan
About her being so rude.
Instead, I just smiled
And 'thank you'd

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i like this dave this is good i would have had her transported to america or Ireland did you get her to taste it to make sure it wasnt' too hot AJS
Uuuummmmmm! ! ! ! ! Pity isn't it, but one does it to keep the peace, otherwise one causes an atmosphere, and that's awful in a work place. Still I suppose you're right, it's a pretty british thing. Sad to say. I liked the poem though, enjoyed if very much. Thanks. Love Ernestine XXX Were you her Boss by the way?