In the darkness still and silent
Light beams dance upon my ceiling.

Sleepily my eye lids close,
Drifting, drifting, consciousness leaving.

Sending me to Visions and dreaming,
Resting until morning twilight.

Love surrounding, safe and peaceful
God's protection always present.

Angels present ever watching
As we stir and wake upon a new day dawning.

The miracle of life repeats itself
We are blessed with one more day.

Our praise and thanks to our Creator
How may I serve and glorify Your Name this day.

Touch a heart, smile and kindness,
Leave a message of hope on another's Soul.

Drink in the joy and the sorrow,
Grow and evolve into your magnificent self.

Break the Cocoon and emerge enlightened,
Share your journey with other travelers.

You are the pathfinder
Lead the way.

by Carolyn O'Riley

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