(19/03/91 / Salford)

Paths Of The Forgotten! !

Wandering through eternity
Alone I stand among the fallen
The Silence brings a cold whisper of deception
A presence felt but not seen
An icy touch brings remembrance

This realm of melancholy
This place of despair
All hope dies where tribulation thrives
A mournful cry heard from beyond
I fall to my knees

Surrounded by darkness
Body numb
Senses have been consumed by a sorrowful woe
The ground is covered in ash
The remains of the damned

Torture is religion
Pain is sacred
The keeper of lost souls unites the deceivers
The beacon is lit for an eternal darkness
Witness the awakening

The shadows are a place of sanctity
To be seen is to be lost
The souls of the abandoned
Drifting through dreams
Forever destined to tread the paths of the Forgotten

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