IIB (28/09/1990 / south africa)

Paths Of Time

I once walked down the paths of Time
trying to understand its intricacies
I questioned the veracities of the many miseries
I encountered on the streams of my faith
I heard voices that sang songs of hope to deaf ears
I wondered if it was a dream, and if it were why do I even feel it when I am Awake
Time cannot be bought nor sold in this world mired with embers of all scandals,
Like an illegal immigrant seeking refuge so is Time when it sneaks into our lives
Patiently waiting to embrace spirit of peace lurking on the shores of people's Imagination, Time torments my soul and thats why I keep on running away to a place
Where guns are toys that tickle a brighter smile,
To a place where truth has no reason to be exposed because reality and love is all there is,
To a place where jealousy does not exist not even as a remembrance
I keep on running relentlessly with eyes fixed on the prize
I am running away with my eyes closed but my vision isn't blurred
as my I leave this world behind the souls who tried to destroy it.
I am running and I keep on running as fast as I can to a place where i become my own mirror of perfection portrayed in wonders of imaginations arrayed with myriads of infinite possibilities.

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Pablo Neruda

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