SVC (23 March 1989 / )


i walked along a path way. passing the never dying dead. only to find myself umongst them. wondering where i went wrong. all the momories have faded. all but one. i remember dying. that dark cloudless night when loneliness seemed to overpower my broken soul. as i watch the light fade away, as the demons devour my soul. i cannot fight i haven't got the strength. you took it away from me. when you left me there, standing in that moment. not knowing what i did wrong. you screamed as i tried to understand. then you just walked away. you never turned around to see the look on my face. then time stopped. mine atleast, your's went on. i stand there still. hoping one day to know what i did wrong. so for now i'll just let the demons have their fill. for i cannot fight. not now. not any more.

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