Patience Produces Profits!

The Holy Bible teaches us
That patience brings rewards
And that's proved to us by Jesus,
Good Shepherd, Lord of Lords...
Yet it applies to others, too,
Like artists painting scenes,
Who plan ahead what they must do
With reds and blues and greens...

The sketching's done, the work begins,
The artist stands alone,
The paintbrush on his palette spins,
That's how he sets the tone...
But then the details must be faced,
Each perfect by design,
Each tiny dot precisely placed,
Each delicate and fine...

So colours mix and thus create
A fitting match to see,
To give him cause to celebrate
The pleasant scenery...
And finally... the work's complete,
Though patience cost him time...
Yet his new painting looks so sweet,
It's simply quite sublime!

Denis Martindale September 2017.

A poem based on the magnificent Stephen Gayford
wildlife paintings. Google search phrases
gayford prints and Stephen Gayford poetry
and also for Heaven and Earth Designs...

by Denis Martindale

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