And That's It

You search for clues to find your own route
But for now im just locked in and, I cant get out
Waiting for a new start so bad I can hardly take it,
My mind is so lost, its getting hard to fake it

Cant believe what I see, nor what I hear,
And the vibe all around me is screaming nothing but fear
Minute by minute, year by year….
Ive been searching so long when the answer has always been clear
I need love~

by Bella S

Comments (5)

Nature is a great teacher and gives us lessons through it's different manifestations and moods. A great poem, short and sweet indeed. Thanks for sharing it here.
Small and lovely... the poet seeking patience that synchronizes our lives with time.
I would guess that even cavemen were lamenting their lack of patience. It is such a universal theme.
.....patience is a beautiful thing... love this ★
Nature! ! Through the heat and cold. Nice piece of work.