Why Do Things Turn In Such A Way...?

Why do things turn in such a way
Closer becomes when I go farther
Farther becomes when I go closer
Should I go farther or come closer!

Why do things turn in such a way
Afraid I am, to lose them
Afraid I am, if only I gain one
Should I gain to lose!

Why do things turn in such a way
Acting fool makes me cool
Acting cool makes me fool
Should I be cool or fool!

But still why don’t I turn up
May be I should be just a passing cloud,
Bringing out happiness into world
Though I gain or lose, go further or come closer,
Be cool or fool no matter…….

<December 08th,2009./>

by Tejesh Babu

Comments (6)

Enjoyed reading your poem Alan
Nature is a great teacher and gives us lessons through it's different manifestations and moods. A great poem, short and sweet indeed. Thanks for sharing it here.
Small and lovely... the poet seeking patience that synchronizes our lives with time.
I would guess that even cavemen were lamenting their lack of patience. It is such a universal theme.
.....patience is a beautiful thing... love this ★
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