Patient-Assisted Suicide

As one who often cares
for people
who suffer from
some terminal diseases
such as
leukaemia or myeloma,
who gets involved
in hushed discussions
with patients
and relatives
the end of life and
how it should be

I'm very sad
that I am being asked,
just now and then,
to help end a life,
and feel that
if the law
were changed
this would destroy,
the trust
I now enjoy
with human beings
such as these.

A quest for help
with ending
their own life,
takes away forever
any doctor- patient relationship
For the worse.
It spells
the end of it..

Each patient
with a ‘final illness’
or even
a chronic disabling one
like cancer,
heart attack,
begins to
feel the pressure
to request this
which is suicide’
assisted by the patient,
in the coercive hope
of ending
a noticeable burden
on family,
perhaps society,
by not continuing
to be around.

Many will begin
to wonder whether
they should talk about
this euthanasia.
Oh, the pressure,
to do what's 'fair '.
And is it good enough
to say that
there will be
the safeguard of
two doctors,
a cooling off,
and prayer,

Yes, we need
better dying
in today's world.
After all,
we deserve better
than our forefathers.
Or do we?

A better death
can be achieved,
not by
the building of
improved palliative care,
more qualified staff,
education of all,
but by the provision of
narcotics to make,
as the song says,
the pain go away.

There is no need
for euthanasia,
for suicide,
for that nudge
that is good for all concerned,
and most of all,
to end the suffering.

you are the enemy,
no doctor ever should
consider fraternising
with you,
the helping hand
that you require
must come from
either God
or on the other side
from El Diablo.
Only those two
can be exempt
from being

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (5)

Everybody SHOULD have the right to want out but I am always worried that the Government or hospice will govern it.A great thought.............willow
i can certainly see your point of view, Herbert, and you presented your perspective well in this piece, however, i do not share your view. shouldn't a person have the right to die as much as they have the right to live?
It is really difficult subject....the debate for it is long and probably will never end. Good write Herbert!
a subject for great debate Herbert and being a doctor it must make the debate even more difficult, only the people with cancer and other life threatening diseases should participate Warm regards allan
Ahhhh. A long one. I do so love the long ones.