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Patient Black Man
IJ (02/27/87 / Deerfield Beach, Florida)

Patient Black Man

I hate the way you treat me
I hate what you do to me

When you laughed at what I asked
When you weren't there when I passed

I loved to be in your presents more than anything
I loved that you thought the same thing

You made me feel like I was in heaven
You now have me seeking a safe haven

Showing you that I was there for you
Showing wasn't enough, it wasn't enough to please you

Confused and lost, thinking of ways to see whats on your mind
Confused, but waiting for such a lady like YOU, I didn't mind

Why should I attempt to open your lock
Why so troublesome, your heart was locked

Asking GOD for answers was often my daily riddle
Asking Angels to supply me the answer to your riddle

Time was on my side to aid me in my quest
Time and Time again my mind ask for a request

My doors are pondering on closing because you won't enter
My soul waited for your heart to type the response and push ENTER

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