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Patrick's Theme
CV (October 7th,1984 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Patrick's Theme

Poem By Carolyn Vuletic

rains belted down, windows fogged up
and i didn't realise till then i was doing it again
how come it always ended up this way?
i looked to my left, and in my passenger seat he sat
intoxicated, red eyed, smoking
his speach slurred, confessing an unnatural attraction to me
my friend for all these years, and me, the instigator
my boredom had made me overindulge
foozeball is only interesting to watch for so long
when he arrived i was already punch-drunk
i pounced him and told him lies
he drank it all up
and all i could do was lie
i created a future, i know will never be
he smiled at the thought, and really believed it all
i could'nt stop
we fucked around in front of mutual, not-so-shocked friends
and left to my car
why i still don't know

the windows are all misted up
i kick him out
and can't find my radio face
he looks at me with those soulfoul eyes
and see's our lives
our first born
and all i want is a ciggarette

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this was f*ing great. i love the ending. i laughed thinking of the many nights that actually happened. good job