We’re constantly searching for patterns
To make sense of the randomly overwhelming
Hyper stimulating reality, we’re immersed in

Lets look at brands – a shallow parade of
A rather similar set of choices
Unconnected people make, just given a symbol

Consider the poems you choose to read on this site
Picking and revisiting names and topics
Vaguely familiar, until a pattern is established

When we walk into a room full of strangers
In a foreign land, who speak a different language
An uneasy smile hides our discomfort, until anything familiar appears

Why are we troubled when patterns disappear
Why must everything be ruled by precedent
Why do we fear the unknown, assuming the worst

Is it unthinkable, that what we don’t know
Might be, a beautiful surprise
Waiting to unfold, away from this vale of fear?

by Anita Atina

Comments (2)

We make a choice when we chose to follow patterns, me I was never good a Pac-Man because I couldn't or wouldn't figure out the patterns
Great write full of truth and understanding 10+