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Patterns In The Snow
(25th March 1943 / )

Patterns In The Snow

Poem By Ernestine Northover

Overnight the flakes had descended,
and left a carpet of pure white,
A fox awakened from his sleep,
patrolled the frosty night,
The silent frozen world had now,
become a canvas, new,
For patterns to be created,
by the feet of creatures, who
Had ventured out to sample
this delightful snowy land,
Fashioned by an invisible Master,
with his gifted hand.

His paints so subtle, had with skill,
produced true moonlight hues,
Such lovely shades of brilliant white,
soft yellows and deep blues,
An eerie earth, a changed and strange
vast open wide expanse,
Where, up above, each dainty snowflake,
had started its downward dance
And settled, on the serene landscape,
clothed, in its simple dress,
Where we imprint our patterns too,
across a snowbound wilderness.

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (8)

Wonderful use of imagery Ernestine, so vivid that I had to put my hat and scarf on. Love, Andrew xx
Fashioned by an invisible Master, Does this sound familiar Ernestine? Love Duncan
Your poetry imprints patterns in the mind too. Beautiful writing. Susie.
Ernestine, You have indeed painted a magnificent masterpiece, in the pristine canvas of a freshly following snow. Nickoli
Exactly the sort of thing I used to think when I looked out of my apartment window in Switzerland at this time of year. A lovely snowscape.