Treasures Of Tomorrow

Dancing into outer edges of intellect, finding an extra-
ordinary arrangement of delicate harmonies settling in.

Wanting to explore everything on this earth, not being
able to, yet going deeply into imagination to find a
solo interpretation of what is being thought.

Finding adventures that fit inner feelings of extreme
danger, categorizing it all by the intensity of death
surrounding it so closely.

Relating it all to the strength and stamina being felt
and erected within, bringing everything into a collection
of variety, typing it into a million poems, one day just
before I die.

Loving anticipation filling me within, noticing enticing
and intense desires now filling me so enthusiastically,
fulfilling and raising intellect above reasoning, where
only some people ever seem to find their ways to.

Calmly soothing subconsciousness with so many poetical
thoughts of illustrious beauty, touching upon the essence
and passion filling this being with emotions and feelings
for the future, yet also encompassing the past and this

Alighting constantly in many forms and patterns, depicting
designs of obtuse angles and pleasant treasures of tomorrow.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (7)

It is nice that it captures the Victorian theme with its almost makes the reader sit up straighter when reading it. For me personally, I would like it so much more if it had raw cutting emotion that an average modern day reader could identify with.
.............truly a beautiful write.....wish she could have had a happily ever after... ..................................~~~~~~ love love love ~~~~~~...................................
never was pain so well confined
this is a beautiful write. A great story.
Now this is exactly the reason i read poetry... it took me along an avenue of thoughts and life experiences, joy pain, appreciation. The stiffness required in victorian times, which created such distance from our natural selves and this poem screams, release me within the waterfall and her hero whom she waited and dreamed of was so cruelly taken in battle and she walks away demure and refined as requested but i guess she may of wanted to release so much more but her final line expresses perfectly a lady who has had enough....Amy Lowell you were amazing.... fabulously fresh considering how long ago it was written.... i cannot claim to understand the full intricacies of this piece so have just chosen to go with the flow, , , , , Brilliance
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