Paul Klee Drops By

I see Paul Klee has come to my reception
Standing hunched off on his own
Like a Swiss clockmaker with his thinking eye
Approaching the buffet table indirectly
In arcs, spins, and repetitive movements
Stacking hors d'oeuvres in floral patterns on his plate
Eavesdropping on botanists,
And musicians
Staring down at his food hardly speaking
And then only to the servers and guests who
Softly collide with him
How did he know about this event?
Who gave him an invitation?
He hasn’t come over to say hello
Intent as he is with sending
Letters and misplaced directions
Floating across the room
Flinging arrows and commas

by Michael Philips

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This is a nice, whimsical portrait of Klee. Delightful!