Paul Polansky Sat In My Kitchen

Paul Polansky sat in my kitchen,
Eat pudding and drank black tea,
As if he were but a friend,
Who passing happened to be.
A man who worked so tirelessly
To help the Roma nation,
A far off name in a far off land,
Who for me was an inspiration.

And as we talked of politics
And culture, and history,
He was as I, and I as him,
As he chatted to Lubo and me.
Some say that God is far from this world
But I think that he is in
People like Polansky,
Though they’re human and subject to sin.

And you – and I – are like him!
Or can be, in what we do…
And we can find the that God himself
Resides within us too!
Everybody has a Kosovo
Your family may be your Roma nation…
Let God be seen in your deeds,
Let others find you an inspiration.

by Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

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