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Pauper’s Rhyme

Starlit sky on a no-moon day
Like my dirty sheet full of holes.

Full moon surrounded by cloudless stars
Looks like a rupee coin they throw me
On the ground full of clods and pebbles.

O sun god, I too welcome you
For only by the day I get the alms.
Prithee, don’t be so fierce and blazing
As to evaporate the little life left in me.

What, you lotus damozel!
Oh you are laughing at me?
You radiantly beam:
“How cool is my sun lover! ”
You are fortunate, oh rich lady:
Even after quaffing all your elixir
You are neck deep in it.

Thank you, my dear tree
You’ve been allowing me
Under your canopy.
I hang my patched-up bag
Over your bough.
When it’s cold I hug your broad trunk
And feel your comforting warmth.
When I lie down, your withered leaves
Make me my cosy bed.
Seeing you I’m green with envy.

Rain or no rain
A bucket of water or not
You never grumble or beg;
You suck whatever little water
At your roots lingers;
And sniff in the moist droplets
Hanging in the air;
Make and feed on your own food
And stand erect
Solid, stolid, stoic
With self-respect.

What sin have I committed?
You haven’t taught me your art
Of dignified, selfless, unobtrusive survival!

[Jul 30,2009: : Hyderabad - 500 056]

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