Pause: :

Poem By Hannah Miller

Im so small.
Everyone looks down on me: :
Like I'm a dog.
They call me names that they
think that would hurt me...
but they dont.
The part that hurts the most is..
they they feel that they can
treat me that wayy.
That they could treat anyone
that way.
That they think its funny to make
fron' of someone.

You can only push a person so far.
Each offencive, mean word, little stuff
like that can really bring a person down.
It may seem like nothing to you: :
but to other people, it could kill them in
the inside.

You say you hate someone...
and while your hating them..
you forget about all the ah-mazing times
you guys had together.
So before you reply to that message
where you guys are yelling at each other..
think back at the good times..
pause and think twice..
Think about where your going to end up after
Then you'll make the right decision.

Comments about Pause: :

hannah your poems are considerateable for your age but the message you put in this poem was a true thing that happens to everone at some point in their life and if you are going through the teasing stage then you should just egnore them and if makes you that angry you should stand up to them one good time and im preety sure they'll leave you alone :)
you know this is true. i have recently lost my best friend of over eight years and instead of doing the typical i just gave her some space. people really do need to puase a little more and act a little less some times.

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