Pause To Dream

They didn’t say, and so
They suffered, the long-drawn
Breath between the lie and
The cover-up - the shrill of
Silence, the master and
The servant - she’s labored
In the gold and fortune, though
The presence of wealth is not
So fortunate, always - there is
A story of a spinning wheel and
A girl who was destined for
Eternal slumber, I believe she
Was a princess, or some
Royal manifestation - anyway,
She pricked her finger and
Off to sleep she ventured,
As predicted.
The longest silence interposed,
Between the germ of birth and
Mounded meadows - every
Subject’s sleeping fancy, dreams
Of diamonds, silk and dancing -
One more moment till the
Waking - a pause to dream
And dream some more.

by Kelly Vinal

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Magical! Loved it! Have read it several times!