Poem By LoKis White

Pawn to level one
I was born as a black man son
Left in the Ghetto to die as none
To take what they gave me
They said it ate slavery
But my mother is crying she is trying
To make ends meet that the way she is dying
15 years old these problems was killing my brain cells
What about your father?
He ain't doing so well.
I am the oldest of five the youngest is nine
Too young to work my family must survive
I went to school every day they said crime doesn't pay
Who lie to them the players are make the way
With the B MW, big boy Benzes and platinum cables
They have cash in their pockets and steak on their tables
Brother Amen said it the plan of the other man
To kill the brother man
What can I do? Please understand
I am just a pawn search for the bridge see
That why I am ask the JAH to please Knowledge me.

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